Citations for my video

I have cited the websites where I found my pictures below, I wanted to make my citations as easy as possible to just click and see where I obtained my information from, I do not own any of the pictures that appeared in my video. I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed making it and I hope it’s made an impact on sex education and the school system.

:23 seconds in

Sex Ed Blackboard

:33 seconds in

16 and Pregnant

:36 seconds in

Teen Mom

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager


Parents and Abstinence


Teacher at the blackboard


Sex Education IS Birth Control


Real Sex Ed Saves Lives


Farrah and her child


Sex Education Now

The song is S.E.X. by Lyfe Jennings, you can buy it on iTunes!

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Video clip

I found an awesome video clip to put into my video. It really shows how (I hate to say it, but) stupid some government officials can be. The video shows that a governor of Texas I believe cut founding to all sex education programs and the one sex ed class that was offered for a full year was cut back to half a year and was to only include abstinence only education. It’s shown that it doesn’t work, because Texas has the 3rd highest unwanted pregnancy rate. It’s ridiculous, if they had a good sex education program I think it would help the problem.

Video here

Feedback from presentation

I think my presentation went over very well. I didn’t know how well my presentation would go since my video is just a draft and I didn’t have any music to it. But I got some very helpful song suggestions and I think I actually found a great song to put with my video.

Starting the reflection

I chose my audience for my video through doing my review of literature, I chose educators because they’re the ones who can really make a difference in the sex education. Teens I don’t think wouldn’t really care that much to step in and do something but educators, maybe would have something to say about this. I think my video supports my argument very well, showing that schools know it’s a problem and the media plays a big role in making teen pregnancy a headline. Parents don’t do too well of a job educating about sex either. I chose black and white for a blackboard effect in schools, and the font resemble a student’s handwriting. I think I chose them very well, and I think it made the effect that I wanted it to. In two points in my video I also changed the font and color to big and red to show what works and what doesn’t work as sex education. In another point I changed it to yellow to really show that something should be done about this. The pictures I chose were about sex education, some were about how the media shows teen pregnancy like “16 and pregnant” “Teen  Mom” and “Secret life of the american teenager.” I think my video shows my argument in a good way. As of my work all semester, I think I’ve learned a lot more than I thought I would. I think I’ve become a better writer, I’ve learned to summarize better, cite documents, sources, and much more. My work in this class has also helped in others which has been very beneficial.


Storyboard so far

I personally don’t really like storyboards. I like to start actually working on my project and that’s how I think about what needs to be done and how to proceed. I don’t usually like making plans before I start working because I usually get into it and think about it in a different way.


Teen Pregnancy Video

Teen Pregnancy Media Video

I’ve chosen this video in particular because it has one part of my research incorporated into it which is about teen pregnancy and how the media portrays it. I couldn’t find a video on sex education and teen pregnancy that went along with my research. It inspires me because this video is exactly what I did all my research on.

Unethical use of something from the internet

I think I have used something from the internet in an unethical way, I don’t know if it counts but when you share a video of something on Facebook from YouTube, I’m not giving information as to where to came from or credit to the person who shared it I just post it and I don’t think about it. I think that copyright laws don’t work well in the digital environment because we don’t think about it in my opinion, like when we take stuff from YouTube we just let it speak for itself and that doesn’t really do anything. Also I think that most people don’t care where it came from because they can just go to Google and look up whatever they’re questioning. It could be changed for creating easier ways to give the necessary credit to whoever but I don’t really know how else it could be changed.